Welcome to LienWorks®.

LienWorks® is a newly developed company but has over 25 years of combined expertise and experience from the principals and staff.

LienWorks® has the experience in serving the needs of the Construction Industry, with today’s technology.

LienWorks® takes pride in providing our clients with friendly personalized customer service while helping our clients achieve the highest possible recovery at the lowest possible cost.
We have the experience in the Construction Notice industry and we will strive to provide the best possible tools.

LienWorks® is not a law firm and does not give legal advise.

Notice to Owner
A Notice to Owner informs the proper parties that a potential lienor will furnish, or already has furnished, materials, labor or other lienable items for the property to be improved. [more]

Notice of Non-Payment
A notice of non payment indicates that there is a potential lienor has an unpaid balance and helps to preserve the right to enforce a lien against the property of the potential lienor is not paid. [more]

LienWorks® is a Self Service and Full Service Notice to Owner Company. We work Statewide and we are capable of handling large or small volume of Notice to Owners, Liens and Credit Reports.

LienWorks® is committed in providing accurate, quality and dependable service to our clients. Our goal is to help you protect your Lien Rights so that you can get paid for the construction projects you do.
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